Rev. Nicole Havelka


Rev. Nicole Havelka currently serves as the Minister for Resourcing, Networking and Creativity for the Ohio Conference United Church of Christ. She has a long history of serving both local churches and the wider church at the intersection of youth ministry/faith formation and creativity/innovation.

Nicole firmly believes that the church is not dying; it is being reborn. That belief has emboldened her to create spaces in which aspiring church innovators can support one another to do the hard work of creative transformation. She loves to teach, train and coach church leaders to realize ministry dreams that make a big difference in the lives of people in their communities.

In her spare time, Nicole, a certified yoga instructor, spends a lot of time on her mat. An extension of that practice, she swims, runs and bikes to prepare for triathlons. She also loves to cook for friends, travel and watch as many Oscar-nominated movies as possible.

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