Ms. Harriette Burrell

Owner @ H Creative Group

For the past decade, Harriette K. Burrell has been passionate about developing innovative ways for organizations with great missions to be seen, heard and followed through digital media, online marketing and design.

For her, marketing means more than creating greatlooking websites and print assets. It means helping them create compelling experiences to build awareness by keeping the most important thing in the forefront: people.

With a heart for partnering with the local faith-based and non-profit organizations and brands seeking to make an impact on people and the community atlarge, Harriette decided to create a company, called The H. Creative Group. HCG partners with these human-centered organizations and is dedicated helping them build momentum behind their ideas. H. Creative Group has had the opportunity to work on numerous campaigns with several brands including: Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds.

H. Creative has also worked with start-ups, personal brands, academic and faith-based institutions and non-profits including: Usher’s New Look Foundation, INROADS, and the Anthony Munoz Foundation.

When she’s not orchestrating amazing marketing campaigns, there’s never a dull moment. Harriette enjoys being a new mom, spending time with her daughter, watching football with her husband and playing fantasy football online. She loves engaging in community service, traveling and following Jesus.